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You've Unlocked 1% Trade Room Special $107

Make 2022 your BIGGEST year ever!  

Happy New Year, 

I’m Dr. Chris Cole. I’ll introduce myself,  later but right now I want to show you how 2022 is going to be your biggest financial year to date. You are going to have the opportunity to take advantage of several tips, tricks, and a private group to grow the wealth that has only been known by a few, is now available to you, and only requires about 5 hours per week. I call it the 1% weekly paycheck program because it gives you the chance to collect a Big Paycheck Every. Single. Week.  

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

What if there was a way that you could determine what the market would do 70% of the time? What if you knew how to get in the market before others? What if you knew where to take profits? Could you use this to your advantage? Of course, you can. That along with other proprietary information and Artificial  Intelligence systems will give you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars in the market and experience the best financial year of your life to date.  

The fact that you aren’t making money isn’t your fault. The REAL problem is that you don’t know when  to enter the market, you don’t know when to take profits, you are getting in AFTER the move, you don’t  know where the market is going, and you don’t know what to think once you get in. Again,  none of this is  your fault. All systems, “Guru’s”, and indicators that I’m aware of are based on price data or information that only triggers AFTER the big move, leaving you to be apart of the 99% that consistently lose money in the market.  

Face it you are either part of the 1% that makes six figures + a year or not in the market. The rigged  game ends for you today. I’m going to show you how to get ahead of the crowd in 2022 and show you  how to join a few others who are already quietly creating wealth in just a few hours a week using the 1%  system. Class starts Tuesday! You can either act now or spend another year losing money and in the  same position.  


I’ve been trading over a decade full-time and have made over 8 figures in the market and seven figures consistently. I have been heralded as the Top Retail Trader in the World by Futures and Truth magazine and other retail trading consortiums. I’ve spoken all over the world about money and crypto at the largest conventions. My system and approach have been battle-tested and proven, and now I’m making this information and my tools available to all for a short period of time or until spots are filled. You can’t argue with the results. 


I’m going to show you and teach you how to use and find Market Maker levels. These are the levels that control the flow of the market and ultimately decide who makes money and who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if you trade Stocks, Options, Forex, Futures, or Crypto, if you don’t understand these levels then you can’t make money in the market. Simple!  

When you join the 1% you will receive: 

  • Exclusive access to my trading room three days a week where I execute live trade calls  with real money in real-time ($5,000 value) 

  • My Newsletter with weekly insider information on multiple markets and crypto. Just like this one that produced my followers as much as a 10X return in less than 48 hours. ($1,200 value) 

  • My Automated Trading software that executes trades for you in the Major markets and  can build an additional stream of income instantly. ($15,000 value)

  • My proprietary indicators that help you identify Market Maker levels in real time! Shows  you exactly where to get in, get out, and take profits. ($10,000 value)

  • My options strategy that takes only ONE trade per day from your cell phone that  instantly creates a second stream of income. ($3,000 Value)

  • Options trading alerts for those who don’t have time to sit in front of the charts ($2,500  value) 

  • Crypto Farming class that shows you how to build a consistent and passive stream of  income with no additional skillset ($4,000)  


$40,700 of value for just $107/Month and you can cancel at any time! 

You see how people who are following are already making a fortune in just a few hours a  week… 

I’ve negotiated a special New Year Price with NO RISK! 

The way I see it you have Three options… 

  1. Do absolutely NOTHING and stay exactly where you are now! 

  2. Figure out how to do it yourself. 

  3. Let me do the heavy lifting and legwork with my experience, tools, and research. All you have to do is join now, follow my instructions, and collect your profits. 

As there are only two types of people, those who only dream about achieving financial freedom and never take action. Then those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.  

The class begins Tuesday… See you there!! 


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