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Application for 1% Trading Room Training

The primary goal is to develop a group of serious traders that trade using Order Flow and concentrate on consistently managing risk and growing income.

We will be working exclusively in the Futures, Options, and Forex markets. The continuous synergy derived from this group moves methods forward thereby benefiting each member in the group.


Members must attend the trade room regularly in order to initially learn the method and to keep pace
with method enhancements.
Members must also be willing to dedicate time outside of trade room hours to become proficient. This includes required reading and various tutorials. All material is recorded for those who can’t attend live. Questions are always welcome to the group members.

This Training is not unlike enrolling in and attending a university. Please provide the following information by typing your answers below the questions.

Which markets do you trade?
When do you trade?
What methods do you use to trade?
What are your trading goals?
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