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The 1% Trading Room is Back

Dr. ChrisColeIAM is bringing back the elite trading room for a seamlessly amazing educational and live trading experience.

What is the 1% Trading Room?

The 1% live trading room with Dr. ChrisColeIAM is essentially the everyday trader coming to work with Chris. He goes through his daily live assessments of the market, auto trader settings, and live trades that he takes for that day. Students experience following Chris and taking the trades alongside him, observing and learning trading strategies, and journaling techniques to ultimately become better traders.


Students get live trading strategies during the peak trading times of the market to practice their trading skills, across various markets, with the expert Chris Cole. Students can come live into the trading room as often as possible with their subscription pass.

1% Trading

Elite 1% Trading with Dr. ChrisColeIAM

This is an elite trading room for novice and experienced traders who are ready to jump in trading on day one with Dr. Chris Cole. Traders can follow Dr. Chris ColeIAM's trading strategies live everyday that the trading room is open. Traders will receive educational trading content, experience the live trading room, and have access to Chris' trade alerts. Chris will trade various markets to include options, futures, and forex.

1Percent Tradig

Our Products

Institutional Program


$997 for 12 months

12-month service designed for the professional money manager or retail investor who doesn’t want to day trade. Understand and track institutional flow to help you predict the future of the market with 95% accuracy. Long-term portfolio ideas. Actionable options trading ideas for income plus more…


Elite 1% Trading Room Package

$599 monthly subscription

Access to live trading classes each week, use of custom trading tools, private telegram trading alerts and exclusive private pop-up all-inclusive trading webinars.

 One-on-One Trading Consultations

$5,000 per hour

Get one-on-one virtual trading consultations with @Dr.ChrisColeIAM.


Our Mission

To educate the novice and experienced traders across various trading markets, and to provide live trading experiences for the everyday trader. We aim to educate traders in market psychology and discipline to ultimately become better traders and people.

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Who is Dr. ChrisColeIAM?

Dr. Chris Cole is a global entrepreneur from Augusta, GA with businesses based in LA, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Ohio. He is an owner of eleven businesses and counting, as we; as the Founder of the Wealth Standard Exchange. With dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Business-Finance and a PH.D in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, his extensive financial and trading expertise has awarded him a lifestyle of wealth and abundance since becoming a seven-figure trader and cryptocurrency millionaire. Dr. Cole has taught hundreds of professional traders how to mitigate risk and become consistent winners in the stock market. This has awarded him acknowledgement as one of the top retail traders in the world according to Futures and Truth Magazine as well as features on CBS, FOX, Dash Radio, iHeart Radio, NBC, ABC, and more outlets.


He not only imparts his knowledge on his students of The Wealth Standard, The BWO, and The Junior Wealth Academy, but he also is a keynote speaker for financial literacy globally. Chris Cole has accomplished so much in his 13-year career that has afforded him to not only be an investor but be a catalyst in philanthropic endeavors as well. Chris Cole is a generous advocate that believes in giving back and pouring into the youth of our future. His many roles of leadership include being the Founder/CEO of the Y.O.U.R Junior Golf Foundation whose purpose is to expose inner-city and underserved communities to the game of golf as well as engage them in other wealth building opportunities. Chris has also been a motivational speaker at one of the largest HBCU’s in the Nation, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T), and more.


In the 1% trading room he lives by the trader's creed, and he consistently strives to educate and structure a disciplined mindset for himself and his students.

About Chris

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